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Week Ending March 18, 2016
TransCanada and Columbia Pipeline Group Agree to Combine, Forming North America’s Largest Natural Gas Transportation and Storage System
Week Ending May 13, 2016
Tennessee Gas Pipeline’s “Connecticut Expansion” Wins Out in Collision between Right of Federal Eminent Domain and State Law Barriers; Nonetheless, Court Stays its Directive Allowing Possession of State Easement
Week Ending March 11, 2016
ANR Pipeline Asks FERC to Clarify (or Rehear) Summary Rejection of its Proposed Conversion from Seven-Zone to Four-Zone Rate Structure
Week Ending March 4, 2016
Algonquin’s Initiative to Exempt Electric Distribution Companies from Natural Gas Capacity Release Bidding Rules Triggers Strong Reactions in the Northeast Region
Week Ending February 26, 2016
FERC Opinion 528-A Fully Airs Rate Issues and El Paso Natural Gas Co.’s Compliance With and Interpretation of Two Decades-Old Settlement
Week Ending February 19, 2016
FERC’s Draft Guidance Manual Gets Negative Attention from Some Commenters; Environmentalists Argue the Proposal Does Not Go Far Enough
Week Ending February 12, 2016
Pipeline Industry Airs Concerns about “Significant Changes” Contemplated in the Draft of FERC’s Manual for Preparing Environmental Reports
Week Ending February 5, 2016
FERC vs. Presiding ALJ in Seaway Crude Pipeline Rate Case – FERC Wins
Week Ending January 29, 2016
Supreme Court Affirms FERC’s Authority To Regulate Demand Response Programs
Week Ending January 22, 2016
FERC Initiates Investigations of Four Interstate Pipeline Companies’ Rates
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