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Week Ending June 10, 2016
Parties of Every Stripe, including Attorney’s Generals, Line Up in Contests with Constitution Pipeline, Atlantic Bridge, ANE, Dominion’s New Market Project, and the Rover Pipelines
Week Ending June 3, 2016
Algonquin’s Innovation to Facilitate Natural Gas Acquisitions by Electric Distribution Companies Faces Uphill Battle in Face of Strong Opposition to Targeted Releases Even Following Tech Conference
Week Ending May 27, 2016
Aging Pipelines, New System Demands, and How the Pipelines Are Responding
Week Ending May 20, 2016
EPA Unveils Final Methane Emission Standards for “New Sources” from Oil and Gas Industry As Part of Broad Move to Harness Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Week Ending May 13, 2016
Tennessee Gas Pipeline’s “Connecticut Expansion” Wins Out in Collision between Right of Federal Eminent Domain and State Law Barriers; Nonetheless, Court Stays its Directive Allowing Possession of State Easement
Week Ending May 6, 2016
Total Gas & Power, N.A., Faces FERC “Order to Show Cause” Proposing over $222 Million in Civil Penalties and Return of Profits for Alleged Manipulative Trading; Failure of Management to Act Decisively on Internally Raised Compliance Concerns is Aggravating Factor
Week Ending April 29, 2016
Senate Energy Committee Begins to Examine Oil and Gas Development Issues in the Current Low-Price Environment
Week Ending April 22, 2016
FERC Schedules Public Discourse on Algonquin’s Proposal to Exempt Certain Capacity Releases of Electric Distribution Companies From Bidding Requirements
Week Ending April 15, 2016
Jordan Cove/Pacific Connector Pipeline Joint Petition for Rehearing Puts New Evidence of Market Demand Before FERC and Disputes Basis of Commission’s Decision in March to Deny Project Authorizations
Week Ending April 15, 2016
Disappointed Supporters, including Officials in Colorado and Wyoming, Urge FERC to Reopen Record on Recently Rejected Jordan Cove, Pacific Connector Pipeline Projects
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