Office of Energy Projects Infrastructure Update April 2018

Office of Energy Projects Infrastructure Update April 2018

Natural Gas Highlights

  • Columbia Gas received authorization to place into service its B System Project, which includes 22 miles of
    pipeline in Fairfield and Franklin Counties, OH.
  • Florida Gas received authorization to construct and operate its East-West Project, which would provide 275
    MMcf/d of capacity on its pipeline system in LA and TX to serve markets in the Texas Gulf Coast area.
  • Texas Eastern and Brazoria Interconnector Gas Pipeline received authorization to construct the Stratton Ridge
    Expansion Project, which would provide 322 MMcf/d of firm transportation capacity from multiple receipt points on
    Texas Eastern to a delivery point on Brazoria’s pipeline system in Brazoria County, TX.
  • CIG received authorization to abandon by sale to EPNG three interconnected pipeline segments that total
    approximately 40 miles, as well as certain metering and appurtenant facilities located at the interconnection of the
    CIG and EPNG pipeline systems in Moore and Potter Counties, TX.
  • Northern received authorization to construct and operate its Marquette Branch Line Expansion Project, which
    would add 3,180 HP of new compression and 24.6 MMcf/d of additional firm capacity to supply two proposed
    electric generation plants in Upper Michigan.
  • FGT received authorization to abandon 1.3 miles of 18-inch pipeline and appurtenances, which previously
    supplied the no-longer existing FPL’s Cutler delivery point facilities in Miami-Dade County, FL.
  • Transco requests an amendment to its authorization to abandon by sale to Tana Exploration 21 miles of gathering
    pipeline located in offshore Texas. Transco seeks to abandon these assets in place, as Tana is no longer
    producing gas in that area and no longer needs these assets.
  • Panther received authorization to abandon approximately 56 miles of gathering and transmission pipeline located
    offshore, and onshore in Jefferson County, TX.
  • East Cheyenne received authorization to designate the West Peetz D Sands and Lewis Creek D Sands storage
    fields in Logan County, CO as a single, integrated reservoir, and to decrease the combined cushion capacity and
    increase the working gas capacity by 3.6 Bcf.
  • Columbia Gas received authorization to construct and operate horizontal storage wells 12601 and 12602 and
    related pipelines and appurtenances at its Pavonia Storage Field. The new wells would be located in Ashland
    County, OH, and increase deliverability by 18 MMcf/d.
  • National Fuel received authorization to abandon well lines CW-1407 and CW-1408 and convert two storage wells
    to observation wells at its Holland Storage Field in Erie County, NY.
  • WBI Energy received authorization to abandon its Billy Creek Storage Field in Johnson County, WY.
  • Transco requests authorization to construct its Southeastern Trail Project, which would provide an additional 296
    MMcf/d of firm capacity from Virginia to Louisiana. The project includes 7.72 miles of pipeline loop in Fauquier
    and Prince William Counties, VA, 60,720 HP of new compression, abandonment of some existing compression,
    and other modifications in GA, SC, and LA.
  • PNGTS requests authorization for its Portland X-Press Project, which would increase the certificated capacity on
    its system by 39.8 MMcf/d from Pittsburgh, NH to Westbrook, ME; and by 1.6 MMcf/d from Westbrook to Dracut,
    ME. In addition, it requests Section 3 authorization to increase its import/export capacity from 210 to 274 MMcf/d.
  • Transco requests authorization to abandon its North Padre Island Block 956 “B” Platform, and its offshore lateral
    extending 3.5 miles from North Padre Island Block 956 in Offshore Texas.
  • El Paso requests authorization to construct its EPNG South Mainline Project, which consists of 17 miles of
    looping pipeline and new compression in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, that would deliver 321 MMcf/d of
    additional capacity to two customers in the Southwest.
  • Southern Star requests authorization to construct 14.2 miles of non-contiguous segments of pipeline and abandon
    the equivalent segments in Oklahoma and Logan Counties, OK.
  • Columbia Gas requests authorization to construct and operate Weaver Well 12622 and related pipeline and
    appurtenances at its Weaver Storage Field located in Ashland, Holmes, Knox, and Richland Counties, OH.
  • Dominion Energy Questar requests to amend its certificate in order to eliminate Operating Parameter 3, which
    would enable its customers to inject gas earlier than November 1 of each heating season at its Chalk Creek
    Aquifer Storage in Summit County, UT.

Hydropower Highlights (nonfederal)

  • Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC filed an application to raise the capacity of its Bad Creek Pumped Storage Project
    No. 2740 from 1,065.000 MW to 1,400.000 MW. The project is located on the Whitewater River and Bad Creek in
    Oconee County, SC.
  • Northwestern Corporation filed an application to raise the capacity of its Missouri-Madison Project No. 2188 from
    303.500 MW to 305.240 MW. The project is located on the Missouri and Madison Rivers in Cascade, Gallatin, Lewis
    and Clark, and Madison Counties, MT.

Electric Generation Highlights

  • Old Dominion Electric Coop’s 1,000.0 MW natural gas-fired Wildcat Point Generation Facility in Cecil County, MD is
  • Duke Energy Carolinas and North Carolina Electric Membership Corp’s 750.0 MW W S Lee Natural Gas Project in
    Anderson County, SC is online.
  • Indianapolis Power & Light’s 644.0 MW natural gas-fired Eagle Valley (H T Pritchard) Project in Morgan County, IN is
  • NRG Texas LLC’s 270.0 MW natural gas-fired Cedar Bayou Plant in Chambers County, TX is online.
  • WGL Energy Systems Inc’s 10.9 MW DC DGS Solar Project in the District of Columbia is online.
  • DG Minnesota CSG LLC’s 5.0 MW DG Minnesota CSG Solar Project in Scott County, MN is online. The power
    generated is sold to the Public Service Co of Colorado under long-term contract.
  • Lang Solar Farm LLC’s 5.0 MW Lang Solar Farm in Wayne County, NC is online. The power generated is sold to
    Duke Energy Progress under long-term contract.


Electric Transmission Highlights

  • Cross Texas Transmission has completed the 68.0 mile, 345 kV Limestone – Gibbons Creek Transmission Project in
  • Xcel Energy has completed the 8.0 mile, 115 kV Northeast Hereford – La Plata Transmission Project in TX.

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